As a professional makeup artist for many years in the entertainment industry, I love transforming and sculpting faces of every kind. It is always so gratifying to receive wide smiles of appreciation, but I often wish I could freeze-frame my work, which somehow vanishes with the night. Now, through my passion for working with my hands and creating bronze sculptures, I am able to forever capture subtle emotion and beauty with the finest detail. I call this exciting new time my "Journey of Life", and I am embracing it with utmost wonder and zest for what lies ahead. Now when people smile as they view or touch my work, I am filled with joy and satisfaction that they will be able to enjoy it for a very long time.

A sincere Thank You to those who have inspired and helped me: Craig Campbell, Herb Kalazair, Steven Thatcher, Melinda Kelley Photography, Carlos Chavez at Kalonite, Arsenio Hall, Leonard Maltin, Doree Glaser, Richard Gordon, Jacqueline Marcell, Max Turner, Lona Jeffers, Brenda Rippee, and my colleages at CNBC West Coast Bureau.